is an advanced analytical solutions dedicated to stock optimization processes in a simple and transparent way.
A cloud-based tool that helps small and midsize business (SMB) to take control of inventory, cut costs, and automate purchases.

Why EazyStock?
EazyStock helps your small to medium sized business grow in a competitive market in an ever changing world. Optimized inventory will make you more competitive with higher service levels, get a healthier financial situation with lower inventory levels, and be more efficient with automated processes.
The tool integrates with the ERP system and is quick and easy to use. And our dedicated Customer Service Team is always available to support and ensure your success.

Fast, easy and intuitive for small & mid-sized businesses

Cloud-based solutionn that integrates with all ERPs

Built on Syncron’s powerful technology

is the largest privately-owned global provider of cloud-based after-market service solutions. Among other things, Syncron provides inventory optimization for corporate size companies such as Hitachi, Mazda, Ford and Caterpillar. Syncron is a worldwide supported organization with users in over 100 countries.

EazyStock is a Syncron solution and is built on top of the powerful Syncron platform

EazyStock uses the same advanced technology but is slimmed down to meet the needs of SMBs. It is cloud-based and integrates with all ERP systems, but comes with a ready-made Acumatica ERP connector, making it even easier to service Acumatica's customers.

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