Typical Inventory Pains…

Time-consuming, manual administration
Excess stock
Too much capital tied up in stock
Poor service levels to customers
Lack of inventory control
Difficulty identifying demand patterns
High risk of run out
Frequent rush orders
Low product turnover
Lack of visibility over the stock location network

This Leads To:
Cost of inefficient processes up↑
Warehouse costs up ↑
Inventory risk up ↑

Customer satisfaction down ↓
Sales down ↓
Competitiveness down ↓
Capital available to invest down ↓

Inventory Optimization Software
Looking to improve stock availability, decrease inventory levels and get serious about inventory management?

inventory optimization software connects with your ERP to automate demand forecasting, inventory planning and reordering activities. With dynamic stock management capabilities, you'll be ready to meet demand volatility and supply chain challenges head on.

Key Features
It’s time to leave manual processes behind. EazyStock inventory optimization software has a wealth of functionality to help teams ditch the spreadsheets and work more efficiently.

Demand Forecasting

Improve the accuracy of demand projections with statistical forecasting that factors in demand profiles based on product lifecycle stages.

Inventory Planning

Dynamically classify inventory items and adjust stocking policies to meet target service levels with the lowest possible inventory costs and capital investment.

Inventory Replenishment

Automatically calculate reorder points, order quantities and safety stock levels, generating optimized order proposals that feed back to your ERP.


Automatically adjust forecasts for seasonal products to help prevent stockouts or excess inventory due to annual fluctuations.

Promotion Management

Track promotions and campaigns and update forecasts accordingly to ensure stock availability.

Multi-location Planning

Optimize the distribution of inventory items across multiple warehouse locations

Supplier Management

Automatically adjust inventory ordering to account for variable lead times, changing production schedules and ordering constraints.

KPI’s & Reports

Stay informed about all things inventory with an up-to-date KPI and reporting dashboard.

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