This is the data flow between EazyStock and the ERP/Business System. The master data is always stored in the ERP, that is where you have the suppler data, the goods reception etc.
EazyStock receives inventory data (items number, stock balance, description, lead time, unit cost etc, and transactional demand such as historic sales orders or production orders)
EazyStock calcuates the inventory parameters and order proposals
When the order proposals are confirmed, it will go back into the ERP where it will be executed and orders sent to the suppliers.

Transactions b/w EazyStock & ERP happen every night; only changes are transferred every night (not the entire dataset) and akes 10-15 min to process

Eazystock consists of 4 different parts / modules.
A Forecast Module in which EazyStock divides all items into 9 different demand types, and then creates forecasts depending on what type of item it is.
A stock optimization module where Eazystock classifies items by value and number of orders/picks. Forecast and inventory optimization are the basis for when ES calculates inventory parameters and order proposals
The third part of the process is the Stock Replenishment and Redistribution Calculation. EazyStock compares the items order level to its current stock level (as well as delivery time) to decide to suggest a replenishment order. The purchaser then reviews the order proposals in the ES GUI, and when confirmed, are sent back to the ERP system.
All the calculated data is then used for stock related Reports and KPIs, such as inventory value, stock turnover and service level that can be tracked over time.

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