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Centrum Percall Poska, established in October 2019, is an ESN (Information technology consulting) both distributor and integrator of Siemens PLM Software solutions. It relies on the know-how and experience of Percall Group, a true partner of companies in the field of PLM and IoT since 2000.
Centrum Percall Polska counts today 15 experienced consultants and aims to double its workforce by the end of 2021.

Centrum Percall Polska sells PLM software solution Teamcenter and IoT solutions (Mendix and Mindsphere) and proposes on the Polish market Percall innovative solutions

Frédéric Paradot, CEO of Centrum Percall Polska, maintains: « Our employees are able to provide a quality service and customer support from the scoping to support and maintenance in operational mode. We work day to day on the continuous improvement of our services in a system of identity values, a real driver of our development. »

The global philosophy of Centrum Percall Polska is built on fundamental values like: solidarity, fairness, loyalty, sharing and well-being that drive the way we interact with each other inside and outside the company and behave on a daily basis.

Centrum Percall Polska, Entreprise de Services du Numérique

Management Team

Frédéric Paradot

Frédéric Paradot

Sylwia Rouges-Matusik

Sylwia Rouges-Matusik
Business Unit Director


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