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Excellence center

25+ consultants

PLM & IoT service provider

MoM cloud solution integrator

CPP, a Percall Group Excellence Center

Established in 2000, the Percall group is now a leader in digital transformation. As a reseller, integrator, and software solutions editor in the fields of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and IoT (Internet of Things), the Percall group has been accompanying its clients in these domains for over 20 years. Our expertise and know-how have earned us the trust of more than a hundred active clients in Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Industry (energy, construction, luxury goods, and others), as well as PTC, Siemens and Tulip editors, trust our teams.

Percall group is based in 7 countries: France (with regional branches in Lyon, Toulouse, Paris, Vichy, Bordeaux, and Vitrolles), Poland, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Morocco, enabling us to address transnational projects by providing the necessary proximity and local expertise.

Over 600 experts deliver consulting, software sales, integration, support, and training activities.

CPP is part of Percall Group and is involved in most of the Percall Group’s international projects.

As an excellence center, it is positioned to be a fundamental focus for the group’s development and a pillar on which Percall Group relies to guarantee its industrial customers the best PLM, IoT and MoM solutions and services.

market-leading solutions Partner

CPP team will be with you
from the very start of your PLM, IoT and/or MoM projects,
through development and implementation, all the way to delivery and support.


Based on our partnership with Siemens Digital Industry, our Solutions Architects and Developers can guarantee you unique expertise
and complete control of Teamcenter PLM

to help you succeed with your PLM project.


Thanks to IoThys from Percall Group,
an innovative solution that is fully connected to your production equipment,
CPP team can also help you manage your supervision, optimise your energy consumption and thus reduce your consumption costs.


As Tulip’s first European partner,
our experts are able to provide you with
a scalable, easy-to-use and flexible
MES/MoM solution platform
that meets the challenges of today’s manufacturing operations.

Innov'Consulting by Percall Group

Rely on our experts for your digital transformation!

Get personalized and effective advice for your next Industry 4.0 projects,
thanks to the experience and market knowledge of our Innov’Consulting experts.

Management team

Frédéric Paradot
Sylwia Matusik
Business Unit Director
Tomasz Marak
Sales Manager
Marcin Pulawski
Community Manager

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