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The Wock

The WOCK (Work Order Cockpit) solution by Percall meets the challenges of Small and Medium production companies looking for higher productivity, better quality, and broader utilisation of its resources.

The WOCK is integrated with the Edge Factory Box solution offered by our partner editor SIEMENS. The Plug & Play application, The WOCK meets the needs related to optimisation, transparency, and greater flexibility of production lines, thanks to digitisation and real-time control of the execution of production orders.

The production line’s efficiency is a key element of competitiveness, but a detailed view of the factory's operation is also necessary to be able to react as quickly as possible to unforeseen events. The WOCK provides this view by combining information from production machines with data from IT systems (ERP, PLM, MES). Key information is delivered at the right time, to the right employees: operators, maintenance, line managers, or departments.

The WOCK allows you to:

- Visualise the production plan with the status of orders allowing:

• Real-time control of all production order’s progress.

• Identification of orders with in-progress, pending, or stopped status due to various failures.

• Leverage design data management for more people across the business


Production plan

- Access real-time production rates:

• availability, quality of pieces produced and machine use (made vs planned).

• status and details of each production order and the corresponding indicators changing in real-time.

• visual form of a production map, that provides a range of information about the work status.


KPIs of resources

- Receive alerts on any irregularities in production, allowing immediate corrective actions for the plant staff.

• Displaying an alert when the status of the production order changes from live to pending.

• Displaying an alert for each production indicator when it drops below a predetermined level.

• Tracking activities performed by teams through a workflow mechanism with feedback and comments available to every system user.


Team’s communication

We take into account the specific needs of customers by adding new and adapted functionality for the most faithful digital representation of the actual production line and ensuring the fastest possible return on investment of our customers.

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