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scoping of your PLM & CAD projects

Scoping Siemens projects by Centrum Percall Polska

Centrum Percall Polska accompanies you from the genesis to well define your project, anticipate your needs and prepare the implementation of the best solution to respond your strategy.

From the analysis of the existing, Centrum Percall Polska, helps you in choosing the best technology geared to your strategic goals. In a PLM & CAD project, scoping defines, anticipates and prepares the optimal solution to meet the company's strategy and business needs.

Centrum Percall Polska offers support to define your project

Our experienced consultants will advise and recommend the best software that suits your business requirements.
A personalized scoping is the assurance of the success of your entire PLM & CAD project, from implementation to support through to training.
Our scoping offer is presented in 3 main stages :

- Consulting
Our consultants assist you in the preparation of your PLM & CAD project with their functional expertise
- The audit
Analysis, quantification and determination of the levers of success with a technical vision
- The choice of solutions
We offer you the best Siemens solution for your needs

Centrum Percall Polska offers support to define your project


Centrum Percall Polska has developed real scoping expertise

Percall has developed real scoping expertise for PLM & CAD projects alongside Siemens editor for a few years ago and various projects were developed in all sectors of the industry.

Our consultants assist you in defining your problematic, your priority objectives, the budget you will have to devote to it and the solutions that will be most appropriate for your project.

Our ambition is to provide you the means to succeed your transition to digitalization

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